Welcome to the space I hold!

My company Ecostyle360 Academy is a sustainable fashion and style educational consultancy that works with brands, stylists and private individuals.  

We help brands to create beautiful and sustainable fashion products and match them with conscious consumers for who we create eco friendly personal wardrobes based on their unique style and ethical values.

Our Ecostyle360 School For Stylists is the 1st school to train new generation of personal fashion stylists – eco stylists.

Ecostyle360 Academy aims to bring joy, delight and success to our customers, their customers and to inspire soulful living for all of us in the net of life. 

Olga Johnston Antonova blog
Sustainable Fashion Conference, Moscow, Russia

Our Philosophy

Beauty, truth and goodness are the foundation of human well being and sustainable world.  Our purpose is to achieve this ultimate goal by bringing these 3 principles to fashion design and personal style.

For over a decade private clients, fashion brands, businesses, art and educational communities have used our fashion forecasting, styling, research and strategy development services in delighting themselves and their customers with sustainable and beautiful products, events, educational programming, motivational experiences and fashion styles.