Welcome to the space shared by 2 soul-centred platforms inspired by circular and sustainable fashion and lifestyle!

Ecostyle360 is a sustainable lifestyle blog.  Redshift In Fashion is a circular fashion educational consultancy that serves designers, brands, trade fairs, schools and universities.

Two of them are interconnected and co-inspire each other. 

Ecostyle 360 gives recipes and inspirations of a sustainable soulful lifestyle and is aimed at those interested in creating a healthy wardrobe, diet, travel, beauty regime and a way of living around nature inspired rituals, ancient wisdom and latest scientific achievements.

Redshift In Fashion educates about circularity in fashion, regenerative practices and deep ecology. We create curriculum for schools and universities on the topic of sustainability focusing on fashion and lifestyle industries. We teach how to design and produce beautiful and sustainable fashion and lifestyle goods. We create content and stories for brands that allow them to speak to the hearts and souls of their conscious customers, looking for eco friendly lifestyle products and personal wardrobes.

Since 2017 we work in Russia.

Olga Johnston Antonova blog
Sustainable Fashion Conference, Moscow, Russia

Our Philosophy

Beauty, truth and goodness are the foundation principles of our approach to life and work.

Our purpose is to bring these values to education, economy, lifestyle & fashion industries and create a new culture based on them, in order to improve the well being of people and the planetary sustainability.